Think About Your Cryptoassets!
Are they lost if you’re gone tomorrow?

KeycoSafe — withdrawal service from owner’s wallet on to a trusted person’s wallet WITHOUT giving them any passwords to accounts, emails, 2FA, API key or any other data.

All you need is a Policy Number

Generate your Policy Number and give it to a trusted person.

We never store your API key and policy number. We don’t have any of your account information including logins or passwords. All data is encrypted in the policy.

There are a number of ways that investors can pass on their crypto to the next generation, but each method requires…

During this year, our team parallelly developed a decentralized platform for copying transactions based on the KEYCO blockchain, which allows Investor and Trader to interact, without the participation of third parties and the need to transfer API exchange keys to anyone (the keys are not transferred to third parties or to the trader!)…

Every transaction is written in KEYCO blockchain, it is fully transparrent and anonymous, all signals come between two adresses: trader’s KEC address and investor’s KEC address. Investor’s API keys are stored and encrypted in wallet.dat on your VPS. Noone, except investor can get access to it.


Depth of Market (Order Book)in ChatBot

We added new feature — Depth of Market (aka the Order Book).

Depth of Market

Available exchanges for now:

“Depth of Market” is necessary for the next part — automatic trading of found pairs.

Depth of Market is a window that shows how many open buy and sell orders there are at different prices.
It’s a great tool to see where the supply and demand levels are.

We want to introduce you the next function of KeycoBot — Portfolio.

With this feature you can track your funds on exchanges that provide API keys directly from your mobile phone using Telegram messenger.

First exchange which you can use for now is Cryptopia exchange, more exchanges coming soon.

So, how to use it?

First you need to go to Cryptopia security settings and generate new API key.

Second and the last step is to follow keycobot setup steps in Portfolio menu to provide it with API key and security code.

How can I generate my private API key?

That’s all. Now you can check your funds in a few clicks. Try it, it’s very easy!

Official website:



Bitcointalk link:

Official chat:


It is a chatbot created with a simple to use, friendly interface that can be easily integrated into any messenger.

So what does he can right now? Let’s examine it in one of the messengers — Telegram messenger ( LINE ).

As you know keyco is built on the blockchain and we use [KEC] as a currency. So we provide several services which bot is capable for right now:

📈 1 BTC > 17ETH on (08/15/18 20.00UTC time).

Last bet 07/31/18 (Until it reach bets limit)!

Don’t miss and make a bet

5 things you need to know about KeycoBET:
👉 no registration
👉 blockchain — you will always track your bets
👉 place a bet in a few clicks
👉 make transparent
👉 easy to use

KEYCO Crypto Chatbot


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