During this year, our team parallelly developed a decentralized platform for copying transactions based on the KEYCO blockchain, which allows Investor and Trader to interact, without the participation of third parties and the need to transfer API exchange keys to anyone (the keys are not transferred to third parties or to the trader!)…

Every transaction is written in KEYCO blockchain, it is fully transparrent and anonymous, all signals come between two adresses: trader’s KEC address and investor’s KEC address. Investor’s API keys are stored and encrypted in wallet.dat on your VPS. Noone, except investor can get access to it.

Only investor’s node interacts with an account on Binance exchange.
Here’s the example of a transaction from the trader
Every transaction 0.001 KEC = 1 signal

✔️ no need to share api keys
✔️ 100% profit remains to investor
✔️ no registration required
✔️For testing period it will be FREE of charge!

Guide: https://keyco.io/investor.htm
Support: https://discordapp.com/invite/fgJQ3RA