How to securely transfer crypto from BINANCE to your heirs

Think About Your Cryptoassets!
Are they lost if you’re gone tomorrow?

KeycoSafe — withdrawal service from owner’s wallet on to a trusted person’s wallet WITHOUT giving them any passwords to accounts, emails, 2FA, API key or any other data.

All you need is a Policy Number

Generate your Policy Number and give it to a trusted person.

We never store your API key and policy number. We don’t have any of your account information including logins or passwords. All data is encrypted in the policy.

There are a number of ways that investors can pass on their crypto to the next generation, but each method requires some decision-making and planning.
If you keep funds on exchanges, things are a bit more complicated. Complicating matters is that many cryptocurrency exchanges don’t let their customers name beneficiaries.

You or your loved ones will receive your funds from exchange safely and securely.
All you need is a Policy Number!


KeycoSAFE to test FREE access for Limited Time (BSC network/BNB max 0.01)

If you don’t have the Binance Chain extension installed in your browser, you can download the extension here: